The project partnership developed pedagogical practices and insights into the use of games as a pedagogical tool that stimulates learning in all aspects of the curriculum and that aimed, especially towards the SEN students, to perform better in formal school settings and improve life skills to be better prepared for the future.

The project developed both teachers’ and students’ skills primarily through case studies documenting and sharing experiences of how games are used in formal educational setting with the both target group of students. Teachers kept reflective diaries and were interviewed about their stories.

Here is the collected documentation and insights derived from the case studies – or in this context Stories – organised in this website.

The Stories are reflections of teachers’ work focusing on come children or whole class aspects.

Since the project was following an action research paradigm the Stories are distilled products of actions – reflections – actions -evaluations cycles.

Several workshops involved other teachers who participated less but engaged just as much as they were already using such innovative pedagogies.

Understanding and developing the use of digital games as a pedagogical tool in the classroom was therefore key and became the subject of these workshops.