Embed games into the curriculum

Include debriefing and feedback so learners understand what happened in the game and how these events support the instructional objectives.

The best learning outcomes from using a game in the classroom occur when a three-step process is followed.

  • INTRODUCE the game and the learning objectives covered in the game
  • PLAY the game.
  • DEBRIEF on what was learned after the game is played

This process ensures that learning occurs from playing the game (Tom’s class).

Storytelling strategies were used (Jon’s class, Linda’s class and Sara’s class) which helped :


  •             in overall engagement in writing
  •             in time spent on task
  •             in the volume of work produced


  •             the time it took to settle down to the writing task
  •             the support required to help children form their work

The results in terms of ’subject learning’ were impressive:

Games Improved children’s ability to link, chronologically, as series of events and ideas and enhanced the levels of description and atmosphere in children’s writing (Jon’s class).