Allow for personalisation

Particularly for inclusion in the classroom of children with special needs and disabilities, we found the using games provides a safe environment from which to operate.

See Jon’s class @ World War 2 Trenches and Eric’s class.

Outcomes in Huda’s Class:

  • increased language
  • increased self esteem
  • tolerating of peers
  • emerging compromise skills
  • turn taking
  • more positive language used in groups

A teacher was able to link up his work with other teachers and as a team they could find a common thread linking the student’s learning outcomes into a cohesive learning path personalised and spanning several subjects. (Paul’s class)

Not all pupils are equally ready to accept new projects/criticism etc but most are interested in peers’ work. Allow for diversity through making each level a separate goal so it feels achievable.

Evaluation skills are higher order and therefore we would expect them to be the most difficult to achieve.(Ros’ class)