Instructional support

Games must include instructional support. Such as : elaborative feedback, pedagogical agents, and multi-modal information presentation. All classes included these and teachers commented on their use.

’There is an element of competition as well as fun which enhances the experience and the more difficult skills is decomposed and demystified.’( Jon’s class)

In games without instructional support, participants will tend to learn how to play the game rather than learn domain-specific knowledge embedded in the game or indeed the processes and skills learned along the way. This takes careful planning. (e.g. Tom’s class, Linda’s class, Sara’s class, Paola’s class).

Instructional support to help learners understand how to use the game, and its features, increases the effectiveness of the designing and gaming experience by allowing them to focus on the instructional information rather than only the requirements of the game. (Ros’ class) and in a different way Huda’s LEGO class.